Team Rubicon “Gray Shirts” Kayla Hull and Jane Kordish with El Bandido Yankee’s Jim Bob Morris

Jane Kordish, a “Greyshirt” veteran with Team Rubicon, joins Dane Neal on WGN radio live from Orlando on the El Bandido Yankee “Road to the Hula Bowl”. Hear as Jane shares what makes Team Rubicon different in the world of disaster relief and how over 150,000 plus veterans and volunteers in all 50 states are making difference in Florida and beyond. Listen as Jane fills us in on the unique training and organizational structure that allows Team Rubicon to hit the ground running in situations from wildfires to hurricanes and even food insecurity and vaccine support during the ongoing pandemic. Jane shares how people can get involved, volunteer and get to be a “Greyshirt” or donate and support activities in your area or overall. To get more information on Team Rubicon activities and opportunities be sure to check out