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For all of us who loved Carl Ruiz…Great Chef, loyal friend, independent artist and passionate player of our favorite pastime “Ruizing”. Been a hundred times since he passed recently that I have thought about all the amazing ways Carl would share his ideas, food and of course his “take no prisoners” humor and razor sharp wit. I was blessed to be able to do a bunch of interviews and talks with Carl over the years…and I have listened to them all multiple times since he has been gone…its really wonderful (and also sad) to be able hear him in these moments again.

At this time, for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a point to share this one…This was from last Thanksgiving and Carl in the moment, shares his love of family, his perspective on the TRUE meaning of the holiday from his and his parents perspective…His excitement for the now legendary knives, the process and collaborations with Geoff Feder…And the genesis and meaning behind the “movement” that is and has become the #Ruizing phenomenon.

Take a listen, be thankful for the times we all had with Carl and look forward to the holiday’s and a very bright, joyful “Ruiz-Navidad” around the corner.