Dwier Brown is back at ‘Field of Dreams’ with baseball, book, ghosts and a game between White Sox and Yankees!

Dane Neal

Kevin Costner and Dwier Brown in a scene from “Field of Dreams” (Photo courtesy Laurie Brown)

Dwier Brown with Corn Flakes supporting Comfort Zone Camps
Kevin Costner with Co-Star and Author Dwier Brown and his book “If You Build It”

Actor, author and apparition, Dwier Brown joins Dane Neal “On The Road”. Hear as Dwier shares the experience of being part of one of America’s most beloved movies and the excitement of the MLB game coming to Dyersville Iowa. Listen as Dwier talks about the impact the movie has had on him and the inspiration for his book “If You Build It” plus the feedback from fans, fathers and sons.  Dwier fills us in on events and causes around the game including his new Field of Dreams Corn Flakes with partners HyVee and the great cause at Comfort Zone Camps being supported. They built it, 8,000 fans are coming and the world will be watching on FOX August 12th. For more information on all things Dwier, check out www.DwierBrown.com. to learn more and support great cause being supported go to https://comfortzonecamp.org/ and pick up your box of Field of Dreams Corn Flakes at your local HyVee in Iowa and autographed online at https://plbse.com

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Dane Neal

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