Dustin “The Hanyak” Jacoby and his title hunting partner Dak

Dustin “The Hanyak” Jacoby joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio.  Hear at the UFC Light Heavyweight Contender talks about training for the next fight coming up against Khalil Rountree. Listen as Dustin shares gratitude for fans and success on this streak towards the top 10 and ultimately the title. Dustin shares pre fight and training traditions with Elk as a power food and his lucky dog Dak who has been part of every win on this recent run. The post fight celebration always includes El Bandido Yankee Tequila and Dustin will “Break Out the Bandido” after the win and hopefully break into the top 10 after this fight. Follow Dustin Jacoby on social media @TheHanyakDJ and for cocktails, recipes, events and more with the “Official Tequila of Fight Night” go to www.elbandidoyankee.com