Dining Out Loud: “Penny In Paris (Via Chicago)”

Dane Neal
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Penny checks out the classic Chicago spot Bistro Campagne, the restaurant founded by the late Michael Altenberg. Mike professes his love for the dreamy Emmanuel Macron. Penny ignores this love (or thinks Mike is crazy – it’s hard to tell). Mike and Penny find common ground over their passion for organ meats. They tell you where to find the best French onion soup in Chicago and discuss the most Instagrammable French dish. For Penny’s super detailed dining notes and much more go to www.DOLpodcast.com

[audio http://serve.castfire.com/audio/3558698/3558698_2018-10-20-110638.64kmono.mp3]
Dining Out Loud is a dueling food critics podcast featuring Penny Pollack (legendary Chicago magazine food critic) and Michael Nagrant (former Sun-Times food critic, dining writer for Redeye, and contributing author on the James Beard Award-winning Alinea cookbook) and produced by WGN Radio’s Dane Neal.
The podcast lets listeners hear the thinking behind the critiques that can make or break a restaurant. Penny and Mike will also interview top food personalities and take you behind the scenes as they eat out in Chicago and around the world.
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Dane Neal

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