Chef Michael Symon in BBQ USA

Iron Chef, author, restauranteur and one of Food Network’s biggest stars, Michael Symon joins Dane Neal on WGN Radio. Hear as Chef Symon shares the excitement for his new hit show BBQ USA on the Food Network, where he takes viewers along on his national tour of BBQ competitions and the foods and friends that make them special. Chef Symon talks about the comradery of the BBQ community and the passion behind so much of what happens during the cooks and as teams compete for championships. Listen as Chef Symon talks about his personal appreciation for BBQ and respect he has for Pitmasters and what they do. In BBQ USA, you will see lots of great Pitmasters and stars of the BBQ world as well as the behind the scenes look at the sport of competition BBQ. For episodes and showtimes, be sure to check out and also don’t forget to watch Symon’s Dinners on Sundays at noon as well!