Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Raphael Saadiq re-emerges after 7 years


Raphael Saadiq- Pitchfork Music Festival

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The number seven (7)  represents the number of completion and it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen Raphael Saadiq on tour and most importantly, seen an album.   That would leave many people thinking Saadiq has been M.I.A. However, he’s actually been working on numerous projects both behind and on screen.

Saadiq has been composing music for HBO’s hit series Insecure, which is returning for season 3  August 12, 2018.  He also scored Step Sisters (Netflix), Underground (WGN), Rebel (BET) and performed on Luke Cage (Netflix) first season.  This year he earned his first Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for co-writing Mighty River from Mudbound  (Netflix).

He’s also been teaming up with others artists,  mentoring and helping them bring their visions to life.  Saadiq was the executive producer on Solange’s 2016 album titled Seat at the Table.

With that being said, his fifth solo album titled, Jimmy Lee (dedicated to his deceased brother) has been a work-in-progress while he meticulously work towards a release date this year in 2018.

Saadiq serenaded the Pitchfork fans (his 2nd stop out of the 7 city tour in the U.S.) this weekend with a sneak peek  from his new album along with timeless classics that kept the crowd in sync with every tune.   His retro apparel set the tone for nostalgic vibes while a visual artist created a masterpiece onstage.

The drury weather didn’t matter.  His straw hat gave us life and after 7 years of waiting,  we’re anticipating the soulful and more transparent Raphael Saadiq.

Keena Renee, Raphael Saadiq and Marsha Lyles

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