ChiPedia Page #6: Black Panther, AfroFuturism, and Presidential Portraits


Dometi Pongo, Marsha Lyles and Kevin Ross

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In this action-packed episode, Dometi and Marsha talk to author and Black Studies Professor Dr. Howard Rambsy about AfroFuturism, a Sci-Fi sub-genre. That sets the stage for an in-depth conversation with a comic book connoisseur, Kevin Ross (CEO Twoguard Media) whose viral Facebook post about the highly anticipated “Black Panther” film exposed new fans to the main character’s complex back-story. They wrap up with a conversation on the precedent-shattering Obama Presidential portraits with art collector Patricia Andrews-Keenan of the Tallulah Group. And no good film (or podcast in this case) is complete without a love story. Marsha has a night on the town and plays back her interview with 90’s era R&B singer Case.

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