Author Alyssa Wees on weaving her passions into her words

Artistic License with Rachel Woodall

Rachel Woodall (R) with Alyssa Wees (L)

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Remember how I am always encouraging you guys to look for art in the world around you? Well, I do that, too. Alyssa Wees just published her first novel, “The Waking Forest.” She is also one of my very dearest friends from back in high school. I wanted to feature her on the podcast because she did the most incredible thing by actually publishing a book! I’ve known her for over a decade, and she’s been writing the entire time. We wrote books and exchanged writing to critique in high school. We bonded over our love of literature, dancing, and Hannah Montana. After a BA and MA in Creative Writing, and an entire lifetime of hard work, “The Waking Forest” is finally here.
Listen to my chat with Alyssa Wees about “The Waking Forest,” her favorite fairy tales, the Young Adult genre, and a few anecdotes from the past.
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