True Crime with Kelly Pope and Bill Kresse | Al Capone’s Daughter Diane Capone and Alexis McDowell discusses the FTC’s crackdown on celebrity real estate scams

WGN Nightside

Kelly Pope and Bill Kresse

Tonight on WGN’s Nightside – we bring you a night full of True Crime with hosts, Kelly Richmond Pope and Bill “Professor Fraud” Kresse.  They bring you the most controversial and exciting stories from the world of crime.  First, we speak to daughter of Chicago’s most infamous criminal Al Capone, the one and only Diane Capone.  They touch on the incredible life of the famous gangster and what it was like growing up sharing the famous last name.  She will be speaking at Anderson’s Book Store in LaGrange on Oct. 25th about her new book, “Al Capone: Stories my Grandmother Told Me”.   Then, guest Alexis Hart McDowell joins the show to discuss the truth behind celebrity endorsed fraud schemes and how they effect the real estate market.   All this and more!


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