Cast list: A Christmas Carol

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We hope you enjoy WGN Radio’s 2016 holiday play, “A Christmas Carol.” Here are the members of our cast:

1. Ebenezer Scrooge- BILL LEFF
2. Narrator- RICK PEARSON
3. Marley’s Ghost- ROE CONN
4. Announcer- DAVE EANET
5. Second Spirit (Ghost of Christmas Present) WENDY SNYDER
6. First Spirit (Ghost of Christmas Past) STEVE COCHRAN
7. Nephew Fred-NICK DIGILIO
9. Bob Cratchit- JUSTIN KAUFMANN
10. Mrs. Cratchit- PATTI VASQUEZ
11. Poole (first charity seeker) WALTER JACOBSON
12. Lamb (second charity seeker) AMY GUTH
13. Mr. Fezziwig- LOU MANFREDINI
14. Martha Cratchit (Bob’s 15 yr old daughter) JUDY PIELACH
15. Fan Scrooge (Scrooge’s younger sister) MARY VANDEVELDE
16. Kate (nephew Fred’s wife) MARY BOYLE
17. Tiny Tim- RICK KOGAN
18. Peter Cratchit (Bob’s 12 yr old son) BRIAN NOONAN
19. Belinda Cratchit (Bob’s 9 yr old daughter) KIM GORDON
20. Old Joe (shop owner) STEVE BERTRAND
21. Charwoman (coarse cleaning lady) ANDREA DARLAS
22. Mrs. Dilber (lower class laundress) LISA WOLF
23. Buck (cockney street urchin) VIOLETA PODRUMEDIC
24. Businessman #1, #2, #3- greedy businessmen LINDSEY SMITHWICK, TBA, LISTENER
25. guests #1, #2, #3 (Fred’s party guests) MATT BUBALA, DAVE EANET, FRANK FONTANA
26. boy caroler poor street caroler DAVID PLIER

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