The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 06/16/19

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson

Rick Pearson (WGN Radio)

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This morning on The Sunday Spin:

CEO of Illinois Collaboration on Youth Andrea Durbin joins the conversation as she discusses child services with host Rick Pearson. According to Durbin, the child welfare system is in a systematic crisis and removing a child from any home is traumatic. In recent years, calls to the DCFS has rose 20 percent not including intake which also rose 30 percent due to state unpreparedness and prevention programs failing at massive rates, but there is an upside.

Durbin says the goal is to keep the family together that is why other programs that focus on keeping family intact with some support and the state General Assembly has agreed to dedicate $100 million to new resources such as hiring more case workers, investigators and more.

For parents looking for help there are nearby community organizations that can help at

If you suspect child neglect or abuse in a home please call 1-800-25ABUSE.

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Chicago Tribune City Hall Reporter John Byrne joins the conversation in our Allstate Skyline Studio as he discusses Mayor Lightfoot and City Council. According to Bryne, the relationship between the new mayor and City Council is evolving and will take some time for both parties to get used to.

Plus, Former Tribune and BGA Editor Bob Sector caps the show giving his input on Gov. Pritzker and other state and national politics. According to Sector, though the Republican party within the state will have to fend for themselves for money it is not too different from former Governor Rauner’s previous term.

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