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On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Rick Pearson talks with Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel about the lack of funding to help police officers combat drunk driving and driving while under the influence of marijuana and other drugs. Tom also touches on the laws currently in place in Illinois and their adequacy to deal with an expansive use of marijuana; concerns about medical marijuana use; and the probability of marijuana being legalized in Chicago.

Next, Rick speaks with Sarah Hamilton, managing partner at strategic consulting firm Kivvit, about Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Sarah served as the former communications director for Rahm and talks about her initial shock and reaction to learning of Rahm’s decision to not run for re-election. Sarah also shares her opinions as to what she believes it takes to be the next mayor of Chicago. 

Then, Rick is joined by Illinois House Republican leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs to share a review of his recent fundraiser; his views on there being a Trump factor in state legislative races; and the true importance of the governor’s race in terms of deciding the boundaries of legislative districts and more.