The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 8/18/2019

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson
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On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Rick Pearson speaks with Mark Denzler, President and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association about the U.S/Mexico/Canada Trade Agreement and what it means for the state’s manufacturing community. Mark touches on the misconception on the connection between agriculture and manufacturing; the concerns of farmers in terms of the economy and tariffs; the on-going yearning for stability and security in all aspects; and much more.

Next, Rick is joined by Chicago Tribune political reporter Bill Ruthhart, returning from his recent trip to Iowa for the State Fair. Bill talks about how the the difference in primary priorities on a National vs a localized basis for Democratic candidates; the lack of discussion on rural issues during the 1st two debates; and more that he learned during his time at the first in the nation caucus state.

Then, Rick welcomes Bernie Schoenburg, political reporter for the State Journal Register, into the studio to discuss what he witnessed during the political days at the State Fair. Bernie explains the various events he attended during the State Fair and what stood out to him at each one, the background of the 13th Congressional District, and more.