The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 5/3/2020

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson

Rick Pearson (WGN Radio)

On this edition of The Sunday Spin,

Rick speaks with Sheila Kennedy, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Top Box Foods, a non-profit provider of affordable food to impoverished areas of Chicago and Lake County. Sheila discusses food supplies, the changes the organization has made in response to COVID-19, and what the future may look like in terms of minimizing food desert areas.

Next, Rick is joined by Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel to learn more about about the impact of the pandemic on law enforcement. Tom discusses the additional pressure that officers are facing in terms of enforcing the various executive orders as a result of the pandemic; issues with speeding as officers are attempting to limit contact with the public; and more.

Then, Michelle Mason, CEO of Association Forum (the association of associations), joins the conversation and shares the pandemic’s effects on a variety of associations that are based in Chicago. Michelle explains the mission of the Association Forum and lists some of the organizations they represent; provides clarification as to what a 501(c) organization is; and stresses the importance of helping all association employees during this time.

Rick also speaks with UIC Economics Professor David Merriman about coronavirus’ impact on state finances. Professor Merriman co-authored a report covering the Fiscal impact COVID-19 is having on IL and shares the findings aren’t as promising as some may have hoped as the state’s budget is taking, and will continue to take, a major hit.

Lastly, Rick converses with NBC-5’s Mary Ann Ahern about the latest news this past week and take a look ahead. Rick and Mary Ann touch on the need for Governor Pritzker to provide more clarification and guidance as to how the state will re-open; the unknown impact this shut down is having on the state budget; and more.