The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 5/26/2019

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson
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On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Rick Pearson talks to Democratic State Rep. Kelly Cassidy of Chicago about abortion rights and the IL Reproductive Health Act (RHA). As surrounding states have been enacting stricter laws regarding reproductive health, the RHA in IL has been gaining more attention. Kelly explains the various issues this new Bill combats and the overall mission to allow access to all forms of reproductive health care. She also addresses many misconceptions that surround reproductive health and more.

Next, Rick speaks with Democratic State Rep. Rob Martwick of Chicago on the graduated rate income tax. Rob is the House Sponsor of the proposed state constitutional amendment carrying J.B. Pritzker’s proposal for the graduated rate income tax and he shares his optimism about gaining the votes needed to fully implement it. Rob also touches on some of the vital issues in IL that the graduated rate income tax will heavily impact including property taxes, education, and more.

Then, Rick is joined by David Yepsen, host of “Iowa Press” on Iowa Public Television, and fellow at U of C Institute to talk all things politics. David and Rick reflect on Rob Martwick’s comments pertaining to the graduated income tax; odds of Donald Trump’s impeachment; and much more.