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On this edition of The Sunday Spin

Rick speaks with Illinois Senate Republican leader Bill Brady of Bloomington about the legislature’s special pandemic session and what lawmakers did and didn’t do. Bill expresses the shared disappointment of many legislatures surrounding a lack of thorough discussion when it comes to how to kickstart the state’s economy and re-opening procedures.

Next, Rick is joined by Democratic State Sen. Sara Feigenholtz as she shares her take on the special session and what’s ahead for Illinois. Sara discusses the various precautions everyone took in order to continue safe social distancing procedures; the pride that is resonating from accomplishing so much in the matter of 3 days; and more.

Then, Michael Jacobson, President and CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association, joins the conversation to fill us in on the state of hotels in our new pandemic era and how hotel operators have chipped in to help first responders.

Rick also speaks with Michael Carbonargi, Commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review, about what the county is doing in trying to provide some property tax relief for homeowners.

Lastly, Mike Militech, Statehouse Correspondent for Quincy Media, joins Rick for a full review of the legislative session. Both men share their shock of seeing the session conclude in such a short amount of time; touch on the issue of local funding and the impact it’s having on essential workers and first responders; and more.