The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson Full Show 4/28/2019

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson
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On this edition of The Sunday Spin:

Rick Pearson is joined by Former U.S. Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun and Lissa Druss, spokeswoman for Our American Voice, to talk about a proposal to mandate civics education in middle schools. Carol, Lissa, and Rick first pay their respects to the late Dominic DiFrisco before jumping into the need for civics education to be accessible in schools. The ladies share what the classes offer to students; the vitality of providing children with the information needed to be more civically aware; and the journey they’ve been on in order to ensure that classes of this nature are required in both high schools and middle schools.

Next, Rick talks to Democratic State Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, and Rebecca Shi, Executive Director, Illinois Business Immigration Council, on legislation requiring diversity on corporate boards. Emanuel Chris Welch describes what the legislation sets out to accomplish; Rebecca and Emanuel share the benefits of a diverse board and why it’s crucial to a corporation’s success; and much more.

Then, Rick speaks with Illinois House Republican leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs on the May legislative session. Jim touches on various things that are on Governor J.B. Pritzker’s agenda including a proposed Capital Bill; the need for a solid State Budget; and the topic of marijuana legalization and sports betting.