The IL Reproductive Health Act establishes that access to all forms of reproductive healthcare is a fundamental right

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson

In this April 12, 2016 photo, Illinois Rep. Kelly Cassidy, D-Chicago, speaks to lawmakers while on the House floor during session at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Il. The full House has approved a plan by Cassidy that is now in the Senate for consideration requiring state police to notify local law enforcement of a person with an order of protection against them in order to assist in revoking a person’s gun owner identification. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

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Rick Pearson talks to Democratic State Rep. Kelly Cassidy of Chicago about abortion rights and the IL Reproductive Health Act (RHA). As surrounding states have been enacting stricter laws regarding reproductive health, the RHA in IL has been gaining more attention. Kelly explains the various issues this new Bill combats and the overall mission to allow access to all forms of reproductive health care. She also addresses many misconceptions that surround reproductive health and more.