State Journal-Register Reporter Doug Finke Weighs In On State Funding Debate

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson

In this Aug. 10, 2017 photo, Roy Williams Jr., chairman of the education task force of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, rallies support outside Feitshans Elementary school in Springfield, Ill., for Senate Bill 1, the legislation which revamps the way public schools are funded. Gov. Bruce Rauner substantially changed SB1 with an amendatory veto. The Democratic-controlled Legislature is grappling with the Republican governor over how to fix the biggest gap in the U.S. between a state’s richest schools and its poorest.The Senate convenes Sunday. Democrats say they’ll attempt to override Rauner’s veto. (AP Photo by John O’Connor)

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For our final guest, we are joined by Doug Finke, state government reporter for the State Journal-Register of Springfield. Finke and Rick chat about the political days at the State Fair, the governor’s race and the vote on Wednesday in the Illinois House to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of the state school-funding bill.

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