Dave Crosson on “Game Changing” Infrastructure bill beginning Monday

The Sunday Spin: Politics with Rick Pearson

Sunday Spin Host Rick Pearson and Senior vice president of HNTB Corp Dave Crosson

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Rick Pearson is joined by Dave Crosson , the senior vice president, HNTB Corp to discuss the infrastructure and gas tax hike.  Illinois Govnover J.B. Pritzker signed infrastructure bill this past Friday which will be doubling Illinois gas tax by Monday.  The bill is set to hike the gas tax (19 cents to 38 cents) as part of a $45 billion plan to upgrade roads, bridges, parks and university buildings statewide. In addition to doubling the gas tax, the bill calls for increasing vehicle registration fees by 50% to $150 and raising the per-pack cigarette tax from $1.98 to $2.98.

David describes the bill has “Game-changing.” “I haven’t heard about a service or product that hasn’t gone up in pricing since the 1990s”.   The bill reinsures that when you use transportation or put gas in your car, that money is going into helping the roadways and infrastructure that need to be fixed throughout the state of Illinois.