The ROAR Podcast Series on WGN will bring exclusive programs with personalities in sports, tech, food, spirits and lifestyle together for compelling conversations and content.

The Jim Bob Show, with Dane 

Each episode has host and former NFL player, diverse business leader and philanthropist Jim Bob Morris and radio veteran Dane Neal talking with top personalities in sports and entertainment. 

Jim Bob and friends, will tackle topics in sports, current events and culture, taking listeners along for the radio ride that will include plenty of fun for fans and the Hall of Fame and celebrity guests in on each and every show.

The Jim Bob Show with Dane is powered by El Bandido Yankee Tequila, the Official Tequila of GameDay.

Booze Newz

Booze Newz takes listeners on a journey behind the curtains of the oldest products on the planet, alcohol. Join host Hudson Lindenberger, a Forbes contributor, as he shares the backstories of the wine, beer, and spirit worlds and the places and incredible personalities behind it all.

Hudson Lindenburger

Hudson Lindenberger is an award-winning writer who believes that life is full of interesting stories, and his goal is to tell as many of them as possible. He has written about everything from people changing their lives and the worlds that surround them, to the latest gear and beer, with a focus on travel, adventure, and the entire alcohol landscape. As a digital nomad, he has spent the last several years on the road, writing about both local and universal topics while documenting it all with his camera.