United Flight 232 crash survivor Jan Brown: “I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that we could smash into the earth the way we did and still have our body parts connected”

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Jan Brown and Justin Kaufmann

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Jan Brown, who was the chief flight attendant on United Flight 232, a DC-10 that crashed at Sioux City Gateway Airport in July of 1989, joins Justin to take us through the events of that horrific day. Jan talks about why she wanted to be a flight attendant, how long she had been a flight attendant before Flight 232, how the day was going leading up to the flight, how she continued to work despite the airline suffering engine failure, what was going through her mind when she heard the loud boom, the difficulty keeping people on the plane from panicking, when she realized that this was an extraordinary crisis, what was thinking as the plane was going down, realizing their were lap children on board that needed to be taken care of,  if she thought about her mortality while this was happening, what happened at the point of impact, dedicating her life to advocate for new child safety regulations and The House Theatre‘s remount of the award-winning production of “United Flight 232,” currently playing at the Chopin Theatre.

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