‘Southside with You’ tells the story of Barack and Michelle’s first date

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“Southside with You” director and writer Richard Tanne and Justin Kaufmann

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Writer and director Richard Tanne joins Justin to discuss his new film, “Southside with You,” which tells the story of Barack Obama’s first date with Michelle Robinson. Richard talks about why he wanted to turn this story into a film, the difficulty making this movie in Chicago having not lived here, how the environment shaped the scenes, the amount of research he had to do to prepare, trying to avoid bringing in current events to the story, how he found the actor who played Barack Obama, making a movie based on such a polarizing figure, why he put the movie out while President Obama is still in office, how he’s not trying to make a political statement with the film, trying to capture a time and place when the city has moved on and the positive experience he had working in Chicago.

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