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“The most nervous I’ve ever been,” is how Franki Moscato describes the few minutes she was standing in front of a full stadium of Packers’ fans at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, but not because she met quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It was because, at age 11, she was the national anthem singer. She wowed the crowd with her big voice, and a bonus for her was getting to meet Rodgers, who “said I was cute.” Six years later, she was invited back, met Rodgers again (“he said I got a lot taller”) and now is a finalist to be the anthem singer for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association convention in February. Voting runs through November 15th, and with a nod to Chicago election folklore, you can vote more than once, but no more than once a day. Franki has been singing and playing music professionally across the country, was on American Idol, and is a student at UW Green Bay. In addition to all that, she started a foundation many years ago to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicide. You can read about her foundation and music at her website, which also has a “Vote 4 Me” tab that will take you to the NCBA site. The other three finalists are from Nebraska, Alabama and Georgia.