Social media’s a funny thing. You think you have a clever post and no one responds; you put up something you think is innocuous and it goes crazy. When Illinois farmer Deanne Frieders put up a photo on Facebook she snapped from behind her family’s extra-wide combine as she followed it (pulling a 30-foot soybean head behind her pickup) from one field to another for harvest, she wrote a few lines asking people who get stuck behind farm equipment to please be patient. The feedback was quick and enormous. In less than a week, there were 79,000 reactions, 5,000 comments, and 23,000 shares. In the audio clip below, Deanne (aka This Farm Girl Cooks on social media) tells WGN’s Steve Alexander most of the comments were favorable, but there were many who suggested the drivers pull the combine into a ditch or otherwise get out of the way.

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

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