Feel free to take a crack (or quack) at the punchline, but in the audio clip below, WGN’s John Williams will share his Speed Joke. It’s a way to introduce Sean Smith, general manager of Culver Duck Farms, and Drew Frey, who oversees live production at the farms. They not only share their own duck joke, they talk about the history of the farms, which date back to the 1870s on Long Island, New York. And, they endorse the idea of changing out the turkey for one of their ducks, which Sean called, “the steak of the poultry world,” with its flavor that more mimics a steak than it does turkey or chicken. By the way, these are not the Mallard ducks we see flying around the area. These are white ducks, often called “farm ducks,” or, as Sean reminds us, the same type of duck as the legendary Chelveston, the ornery duck best known for pecking the ankles of children on Ray Rayner’s WGN-TV children’s show. More info about the Culver ducks, as well as recipes, at its website.

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