It may be the job of a lifetime you didn’t know you wanted. Oscar Mayer is hiring 12 “Hotdoggers” who will be driving six Wienermobiles around the country for a year beginning in June. Their job description includes being cheerful ambassadors for the iconic wiener brand that has roots in Chicago, and not wrecking the 27-foot long weenie. Recent college grads can apply HERE. The deadline is Tuesday, January 31. Hotdogger Zach Chatham (2020-21) talked with WGN’s Steve Alexander in the audio clip below about his experiences, which include driving the big weenie on the Indy 500 track (“It hauls buns!”), and proposing in front of the rig to his now wife, Hannah. Zach’s tip to aspiring Hotdoggers? Don’t approach is as a buttoned-down corporate job. Be a little goofy. And, if you get hired, take advantage of the wide variety of learning experiences to help you decide what comes after your year on the road. Zach latched on to the public relations aspect of the gig and used those experiences to land a PR job with Yeti, the cooler company.