Imagine pulling up to a drive-thru to order and the voice of Christopher Walken greets you and takes your order. Or Santa. Or Uncle Sam. Or pretty much any other voice you can think of. All are possible thanks to A.I. technology created by Rajat Suri, CEO and founder, and his team at Presto. Suri dropped out of doctoral studies at M.I.T. to work for a year in restaurants. He learned how everything worked — and didn’t work. His first device was a cobbled-together “pay at table” device which restaurants loved. Ten years later, after a move to Silicon Valley to take advantage of top tech talent, Suri’s Presto continues to create innovative and secure A.I. voice automation technologies and other solutions for drive-thru and full service restaurants. Suri tells WGN’s Steve Alexander in the audio clip below how the restaurant industry benefits. Steve imagines how a Walken drive-thru conversation would go, and how bots might replace him.