With Erica Bethe Levin’s first child, she was afraid to wander from the norm. Her son was fed the texture-less, flavorless food from the big brand food makers that most other kids got. He grew into a very picky eater. But child number two (We aren’t as neurotic about second children, are we?) was fed whatever the adults were eating — she loved coconut curry — and grew into a more adventurous eater. In the audio clip below, Levin tells WGN’s Steve Alexander that studies show there’s a “flavor window” for kids between the ages of four and 18 months of age that will influence their food choices forever. But the stores weren’t selling “adventurous” food for kids. So, Levin started GloBowl, a different kind of food giving babies big flavors, safe textures and common allergens when they’re starting solids. Meals in a jar — don’t get her started on plastic pouch food which she says can stifle oral motor muscle development — are chef-curated to give babies the chance to experience the flavors of the world, such as Veggie Tikka Masala, Pad Thai for Toddlers, and a Spicy Bean Bowl and a Mediterranean meal.