Notre Dame tackles food waste

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

Working with non-profit Cultivate Food Rescue, over 10 tons of food were rescued from Notre Dame home football games.

Food rescued from Notre Dame home football games goes into backpacks for South Bend school children to take home for weekend meals. (Photo from Cultivate Food Rescue)

We waste a lot of food. One estimate says food accounts for 40% of waste in landfills. Cultivate Food Rescue is a South Bend non-profit that finds sources of prepared food that hasn’t been served — not leftovers, or food waste — and repurposes it for food pantries and weekend meals for school kids. Co-founder and executive director Jim Conklin talks with Steve Alexander about the food rescue at Notre Dame Stadium where Cultivate volunteers hauled away over 10 tons of food from 2021 home football games.

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