The Chicago area has some of the best Italian restaurants in the world, but for many people, most of what makes the food so delicious makes them sick. Celiac disease affects about one percent of the population, and it can run in families. Such as the Libreri family of River Grove. Luciano and Rosa Libreri have seven children; four have celiac disease. Even relatives back in Sicily have it. Luciano tells WGN’s Steve Alexander he came to Chicago in 1969 and for 20 years, he and Rosa ran La Gondola Ristorante in Lakeview, and the past 20 years they’ve labored to make Da Luciano’s in River Grove a destination for traditional Italian food lovers AND for those with celiac disease. Because of their family’s problem’s, Rosa and Luciano created gluten-free recipes and went even further: They bought the space next to their restaurant and created a gluten-free kitchen with separate ventilation systems, separate stoves and ovens, separate everything so there would be no danger of cross-contamination. Adding to the story below are WGN Legends Steve and Johnnie, who have their own journey with Celiac Disease to share. BONUS: Luciano gives the correct pronunciation of bruschetta!