Man receives pig heart

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

Northwestern Medicine transplant expert says if it's successful, people waiting for organ transplants could be next.

These Sandwich Fair pigs are not the kind used for organ transplants to humans. Those are specially bred pigs, not the kind we get ham and bacon from. (WGN Photo)

“We are living history right now,” is how Dr. Satish Nadig sees the groundbreaking transplant. He says molecular technology, including gene editing, allows scientists to edit out the characteristics that would cause a human body to reject the pig organ, and edit in traits that encourage the body to accept the organ. At stake is not only the 57-year-old man’s life, but also the lives of over 100,000 Americans waiting for organ transplants. Also in this feature: a few words from WGN legend Orion Samuelson.

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