It’s peak season for Chicago farmers’ markets

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander visits with the owner of Mick Klug Farm at Lincoln Park's Green City Market

Mick Klug with daughter Abby Schilling of Mick Klug Farm. (WGN photo)

Disneyland may claim to be “the happiest place on Earth,” but Steve Alexander can’t imagine any place where people are happier than the ones he saw at the Green City Farmers’ Market in Lincoln Park. It’s the best time of year for the fruit and produce at the markets. He chatted with Abby Schilling, the owner of Mick Klug Farm from St. Joseph, Michigan, which has been a regular at Chicago farmers’ markets for over 30 years. The pandemic presented unique challenges for the farm, and Abby described the unprecedented pivots and marketing creativity that were necessary, including the opening of a farm store/coffee shop in New Buffalo.

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