It’s unlikely the huge corn, soybean and wheat farms across the Midwest producing billions of bushels each year will ever be replaced by indoor farming, but when it comes to leafy veggies, fruits, and roots, farms like Kenosha’s new Square Roots are disrupting the industry. Tobias Peggs, CEO and co-founder with Kimbal Musk, tells WGN’s Steve Alexander the two-month old facility employing 25 people partners with Gordon Food Service and uses AI technology to deliver high-quality, pesticide-free, fresh produce to Chicago and Milwaukee area retail and restaurant customers year-round, often within hours of being harvested. The farm, housed in a giant industrial warehouse-type structure, uses proprietary, cloud-connected software to monitor and control multiple climates, enabling its farmers to grow a wide range of crops to meet local market needs. The Kenosha farm is the largest of Square Roots’ commercial-scale indoor farms in Michigan, New York, and Ohio. Retailers, including Meijer stores in the region, can be found via the Square Roots locator.