Six months ago, Ukrainian farmer Nick Gordiichuk packed up his family and fled the country as the Russian military attacked the area around his farms in Semipolki, Kyiv region. He returned a month later, cleared the fields of rocket and mortar debris and planted his crops. At that time, he told WGN’s Steve Alexander he expected the war would be over quickly because the Russians would come to their senses and see that attacking a peaceful nation in the 21st century was ridiculous. Now, he thinks it’ll drag on another year or two. And with harvests of wheat and potatoes coming in, and sunflowers after that, there’s no place to sell his crops — at least at a profit — limited places to store them, and he doesn’t see things getting better soon. But, Nick says the spirit of unity among the Ukrainians is strong, and agriculture is helping out by purchasing hundreds of pickup trucks and delivering them to the soldiers. There’s also a massive effort by farmers and restaurants to feed the military.