Nearly every great food idea starts in somebody’s kitchen. A lot of them languish there, too, because in most cities, including Chicago, it’s illegal to sell food prepared in your home kitchen. And until this year, the South Side did not have a community commercial kitchen where food creators could do their thing. In the audio clip below, R City Kitchen founder and owner Rodney Trussell (who recently won the Shark Tank-like 10th annual South Side Pitch sponsored by the the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship) tells WGN’s Steve Alexander his six-month-old facility offers a pay-by-the-hour shared use facility equipped with commercial stoves, mixers, sinks, refrigerators, tables, dry storage, cooler and freezer spaces as well as, other food preparation equipment, and takes care of all the maintenance, safety, and sanitary matters. All you need to bring is your recipe and your ingredients. RCK also offers food sanitation safety training, and classes in everything from baking to bartending, as well as where to find funding.

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

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