Spoiler alert: If you have the Christmas Cookie Challenge in your DVR and don’t want to know who won the Food Network bake-off, stop reading. Priscilla Sarmiento-Gupana, an Aurora pediatrician, was among the contestants, and in the audio clip below — which contains no spoilers — she tells WGN’s Steve Alexander about her love of cookie artistry, and how she took refuge in the craft after the loss of her baby. People soon began to notice how talented she and her sister Angela were in their designs, and the demand for their cookies led to them selling their cookies. But Priscilla tells Steve that became too much, and took the fun out of their hobby. They still bake for charities and special occasions (a Ted Lasso wrap party, for one), but most people will have to settle for the photos the sisters post on their IG account: @sarmiesistersweets. OK, the spoiler: Priscilla came in second, runner-up to Challenge champion Arlene Chua.

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