Ukrainian farmer Nick Gordiichuk has been checking in with WGN’s Steve Alexander every few months over the past year, telling how the Russian attack has impacted agriculture. In the audio clips below, Nick tells how farmers consider themselves a “second front” in the war, not only feeding Ukrainians and supporting the military, but keeping their farms going, even operating at a loss, so that when the war is over, the Ukrainian economy can recover more quickly. Nick also tells how over 900 farmers have pooled their resources to buy more than 450 pickups that are refurbished and sent to the front for soldiers to use as mobile brigades, moving quickly from target to target. The farmers’ coalition has also donated cash, clothing, bicycles and, of course, food to the military effort. As for farming, Nick says many farmers have given up on clearing fields of rockets and mines for two reasons: it’s expensive to do so, and why do it when the Russians are still firing? Nick farms about 1500 acres of potatoes, sunflowers, corn, wheat and barley near Kyiv, where he lives with two adult daughters, his mother and sister. His wife and 10-year-old daughter have not returned because of the ongoing attacks, which Nick admits has caused problems for the mental health of Ukrainians, including his mother. There are many ways to support Ukraine, its people and military. However you choose to do it, be assured that Nick and his countrymen fighting to remain a free country greatly appreciate it.