Coffee prices going up because of bad weather? Maybe not.

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

"Don't freak out," says Chicago coffee roaster.

Center: the three stages of coffee ripeness. Clockwise from top left: coffee beans being sorted in Ethiopia; Metropolis Coffee’s Chicago warehouse; Metropolis Cafe; coffee being roasted

The weather in many of the coffee growing regions of the world has been bad. Crops are expected to be smaller. Will that mean higher prices for your daily cup, or cups? Tony Dreyfuss of Metropolis Coffee in Chicago tells Steve Alexander there’s no reason for panic. The weather won’t have that big of an impact, but the higher cost of shipping may. Metropolis has been roasting coffee in Chicago for over 18 years, and beyond the coffee, Tony and his dad, Jeff, and their 50 employees have supported the community. One example is the coffee business partnership with Aspire (, a non-profit that helps children and adults with disabilities live more independent lives.

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