Good things are growing at Chicago Farm Works in Chicago’s East Garfield Park community. Not only vegetables that are distributed through food pantries, but thousands of pounds of jalapeño peppers that are purchased by Small Axe, a hot sauce brand. Those Chicago-grown peppers are used in the brand’s “The Chicago Red Hot Jalapeño Hot Sauce,” and the proceeds bring in thousands of dollars to what the Chicago Farm Works is really all about: bettering lives. Chicago Farm Works farm manager Steve Schultz tells WGN’s Steve Alexander the farm is part of the Heartland Alliance, a human rights organization that works on things like housing, immigration and food justice. And on the three-acre farm, Chicago Farm Works hires individuals with barriers to employment — perhaps homelessness, or previously incarcerated and re-entering to society — and helps them learn how to succeed in a workplace environment. Schultz says 70 percent of the people who participate in this program gain well-paid, long-term employment. Chicago Farm Works is providing the opportunities people need to support their families and make their community a more beautiful place to live – all while bringing fresh, healthy produce to the community, and spicing up your life with hot sauce.