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Michelle McBride saw two things happening on the sidelines of her kids’ games: She wanted a natural option to the sports drinks being given to the players, one that would hydrate better; and she wanted to do something about the often atrocious behavior by parents. Let’s start with the drinks. She tells WGN’s Steve Alexander in the audio clip below how she assembled a team of scientists, led by former Gatorade Sports Science Institute co-founder Dr. Bob Murray, and some high profile investors to create GoodSport Nutrition. Since milk has long been known as a superior recovery drink for athletes, the GoodSport team found that by removing the protein — what makes milk “milky” — they could create an all-natural hydration drink. After five years of development, GoodSport hit the shelves of Chicago-area retailers like Jewel stores, and recently at Midwest Walmart stores. As for the sideline behavior of adults, GoodSport is committed to creating a more positive culture in sports and is partnering with a number of local and national organizations to not only help improve that culture, but also to make sports more accessible to all young people.