It’s been a big summer for events that poured millions of dollars into the Chicago economy: The NASCAR Street Race; Taylor Swift’s concerts, Beyonce’s concerts, and on October 9th, the Chicago Marathon. The expected 1.7 million spectators along the marathon route will pour oodles of cash into restaurants and other businesses. Daniel Briceno’s three restaurants along the race route include two Fons Empanadas concepts (in Lincoln Park and The Loop) and Fons Plant-Based Café, a concept he opened in collaboration with father and son team Eduardo and Gabriel Fleury  of Deep Purpl  in the West Loop. In the audio clip below, he tells WGN’s Steve Alexander that all three locations saw an increase of sales of at least 150% during 2022 marathon weekend, not only spectators but pre- and post-race runners. He also tells about how the sponsor of the marathon, Bank of America, is a partner in expansion plans to nearby states.

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

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