There’s an unfortunate history of small towns being crushed when a major industry is sold and the new owners sell off the pieces and close the business. That was not the case in Arthur, Illinois, population 2,180. When KKR, a private equity company, sold the C.H.R. Overhead Door Company in Arthur for $3 billion, the proceeds were shared with the company’s several hundred employees. Checks for hourly workers average $175,000, with many longtime employees receiving over $750,000. Village president Rod Randall tells WGN’s Steve Alexander there’s a lot more going on in Arthur besides C.H.I. Along with another major employer, kitchen cabinet maker MasterCraft, there’s a vibrant tourist business thanks to the nearby Amish community, the oldest and largest in Illinois. And some of the richest farmland in the world grows corn and soybeans outside the boundaries of the central Illinois town.