In the audio clip below, you’ll hear WGN’s morning show host Bob Sirott, widely known as connoisseur of hot dogs, say, “I have decided to give up hot dogs. Forever.” It’s part of a larger story about how deep fakes are fooling people worldwide. And as Dooley Tombras, president of the Tombras Advertising Agency in Knoxville, Tennessee, tells WGN’s Steve Alexander, it isn’t just world leaders and celebrities who are being targeted. The rest of us are susceptible to having the videos we post on social media used in deep fake videos. Tombras’s client, Steak-umm frozen meat, likes to call out online phoniness and misinformation. And to illustrate how deep fakes can quickly and easily be made, it invited 18 vegans into a focus group setting, gave them vegan sandwiches, and recorded their critiques. In another room, a video crew quickly turned their testimonials for the vegan sandwiches into praises for beef. Their responses to being deep faked? Listen below.

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