There’s no shortage of wonderful organizations addressing food insecurity and trying to make sure no one goes hungry. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine joined the Chicago effort six months ago and differs from other efforts in two ways: No amount of food is too small for its drivers (mostly volunteer) to pick up and deliver to a non-profit that can get it to people in need; and in addition to restaurants and food markets, non-traditional sources are tapped, such as caterers and a commercial studio in Pilsen where food prepared for advertising is no longer tossed, it’s picked up by Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. Bret Carr of Chicago’s Rescuing Leftover Cuisine tells WGN’s Steve Alexander about the origin of the organization — a NYC banker wanting to do good — and how people can get involved, via volunteering and donations of both food and cash. There’s also an environmental bonus — leftover food sent to landfills does more harm than good to the planet.