A community comes together to help a farmer with terminal cancer

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

When his 300+ acres of corn needed to be picked, farmers from miles around showed up and made quick work of it.

Near Coopersville, Michigan (Photo by Bryan Alt)

When word got around that a Coopersville, Michigan, farmer had been told by doctors that there was no more they could do for him, farmers showed up one day with combines, grain carts and semis to pick his corn and sell it at the local elevator. In a span of about six hours over 300 acres of corn was harvested. This type of pitching in to help a neighbor is common in farming communities. In fact, the man who spearheaded this effort was, himself, a recipient. Two springs ago at planting time, he was in the hospital with COVID. Neighbors brought their planters and got his crops in the ground. Tyler Hendrickson, a farmer near Coopersville who was involved in the harvest, talks with Steve Alexander about the effort.

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