In the audio clip below, Javon Nicholas tells WGN’s Steve Alexander how she almost didn’t answer a phone call because the Caller ID said “Chicago Bears.” Yeah, right, Javon thought. Why would the Bears be calling her? It was legit, and her company, Egg Rolls ETC was named the Bears Small Business All-Pro for the month of October. For the frozen food manufacturer based in the Austin neighborhood, that has opened the door to marketing opportunities Javon could never afford. Untold numbers of Bears fans will now be exposed to the non-traditional egg rolls and pot stickers her company makes, which she describes as “comfort filled.” Best sellers include an Italian Beef pot sticker, a spinach and cheese lasagna pot sticker, and many more. And there’s one that is special to Javon: Gert’s Collard Greens Egg Rolls, named after Javon’s late grandmother Gertrude. Javon says it’s “comfort filled with freshly handpicked tender collard greens simmered in a savory broth low and slow for hours, then lavished with decadent sweet smoked turkey meat and tucked inside of a wonton.” Javon says her education as a clinical nutritionist and her experiences living in Taiwan led her to create a product that she says is not only delicious but unites cultures and differences inside of a warm wonton.

The Business of Food with Steve Alexander

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