When Liam Donnelly discovered people would pay him to pick up their compostable table scraps, he started a route with hundreds of residential and business accounts. He’d pick up their full compost pails and leave a fresh one. He was 15, so he used his bicycle pulling a Radio Flyer wagon at first, then a larger trailer. Donnelly continued the business while attending Loyola University, growing WasteNot Compost into the only zero-emissions compost company in the country, using an all-electric fleet of trucks and warehouse forklifts. It was also named the best composting service in the United States for four years running (per TreeHugger.com). In the audio clip below, Donnelly tells WGN’s Steve Alexander how the process works and how its five-gallon buckets are showing up in more and more areas across the Chicago area. With food waste the number one contributor to methane in landfills, Donnelly says WasteNot is committed to using composting to benefit the planet.

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