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Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman walks off the field after a 51-23 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Sunday, October 26, 2014. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)

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Just jumped on my computer and Googled the word “leader.” By definition it states “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country” (Oxford Dictionary). The Bears are now in their off week and whoever the leaders are on this Bears squad will have to step up and stop the season that is quickly slipping away.

If Marc Trestman was not on the hot seat before this game, he certainly is now. A lot has been made of the offense and the lack of productivity, but the Bears as a team looked totally unprepared to play in Foxboro. The question I’m mulling over is Marc Trestman losing his locker room? With all that was said last week following the depressing loss to the Dolphins and this weeks dismantling, it will be interesting to hear what comes from the locker room this week. The bye week is coming at a great time, it will be a long two weeks for Trestman. However it will give him an opportunity to right the ship before the Bears head to Lambeau to face the Packers.

The Bears have struggled to find any consistency.

The next question is, where has the high octane off from last year gone? The Bears have struggled to find any consistency and put together 4 quarters of football together this season. It’s been a roller coaster for all 3 phases. With that being said, the man calling the plays is in the cross hairs for the lack of production on the offense. With not a lot to celebrate on offense, Matt Forte makes me proud to be a Bears fan. Every week he comes to play and every week produces for this ball club. Forte carried 19 times for 114 yards and had 6 receptions for 54 yards through the air with 1 TD.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is sitting on the hot seat right next to coach Trestman.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker is sitting on the hot seat right next to coach Trestman. Defensively the Bears gave up a whopping 38 points in the 1st half to the Patriots. You have to give respect to Tom Brady and the brilliant game plan Bill Belichick came up with. Using the rotation of running backs Gray, Vereen and White. The Pats were able to establish the run early, opening up the game for WR Brandon LaFell and TE Rob Gronkowski. Gronk was the next TE in line to make the Bears defense pay for not being able to match-up. Gronk finished his day with 9 receptions, accounting for 149 yards and 3 TD’s. Making matters worse on defense Lamarr Houston was added to the injury list after celebrating a sack while down 25. Let’s hope the bye week helps the defense on the injury front, if the injuries continue at this pace the Bears will struggle even more during the second half of the season.


Matt Slauson (pectoral muscle)

Lamarr Houston (knee)

Kyle Fuller (Hip)

Darryl Sharpton (hamstring)


Matt Forte

Forte keeps being the bright spot for this Bears team. Every week win or lose he comes to play. The great thing is defenses are trying to game plan for him, but can’t really stop him, they can only hope to contain him. If the Bears want to save this season the offense must go through Forte…It’s that simple.

Martellus Bennett

Bennett started this season out hot, but has been quiet the last few games. This week he got back on track recording 6 receptions for 95 yards and a sick TD catch that you can watch here over and over on my Vine account.

You’re welcome.

Last Question

What happens now?

The next game in Green Bay is for the season.

The Bears head into a much needed bye week. It’s hard to say the season is over, but it’s going to take a miracle to get this team into the playoffs. I have been on some teams with all the talent in the world, but never got close to a championship. As they say talent will only take you so far. The Bears don’t have an identity and leaving no doubt Matt Forte said it himself during his press conference. On paper the Bears offense looks like a fantasy team that most people would die for, but if you can’t put it all together then what’s the use? During the bye week the Bears better do some soul searching because if fans thought yesterday was a must win against the Pats, then the next game in Green Bay is for the season. If my memory serves me correct Jay Cutler has not won a game in Green Bay and is 1-9 against the Pack as a Bear. Green Bay was on a roll and the Lions keep winning, leaving the Bears and Vikings tied for last at 3-5. This is not how I thought this season was going to go. There is still hope, I’m not giving up on my team yet. I need a win in 2 weeks, not cheese with my whine. #BearDown

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